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WHEN: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27, 2010, from 8pm to Sunday November 28th at 8am. Registration starts at 7pm

WHO: Join The Readers of Homer led by Dr. Kathryn Holwein and Yannis Simonides, in collaboration with Irina Constantine Poulos’s Choreo Theatro Company

WHAT: For an unprecedented, full-night-into-morning, cornucopia of literary artistic expression, as both organizations bring Homer’s ODYSSEY to life

WHERE: At New York’s venerable 92nd Street Y- The Kaufmann Concert Hall _______________________________________________________________

After a year of extraordinary journeys celebrating the poetry of Homer in the four corners of the world, The Readers of Homer will travel to New York City where, in the splendor of the 92nd Street Y’s Kaufmann Concert Hall, fortified by mulled wine and Homeric victuals, audiences can listen to the lilting tones of the minstrels’ song.

Audience members are invited to listen and enjoy, or, if they sign up in advance, to read a section of the epic poem. The audience members who sign up will know precisely what passage of text they will be responsible for and when in it will occur. They will be coached by a member of The Readers and will speak about fifty lines (or 5 minutes) each. We encourage participants to speak lines in the language of their ethnic origin as Homer has been translated into 187 tongues.

Anyone may participate.

Audience members are welcome into the theater as early as 7pm on the evening of November 27th, and, as in ancient tradition, may step in and out of the performance throughout its entirety to rest and eat.

Adding to the sensory experience, World Premiere performances by the extraordinary team of professional dancers, actors, opera singers, and composers of Choreo Theatro Company will be presented as interludes throughout the narration.

Join lifelong students, eminent authors, filmmakers, dancers, painters and singers in enacting the epic inspired by Homer’s enduring relevance.

Upon completing your purchase, your tickets will be ready to pick up at the entrance of the 92Y on the day of the event.

Pictures from the rehearsal process you can view here…


Muse: Chelsea Bonosky

Penelope: Christine Jowers

Odysseus: Blake Faulds

Poseidon: Matthew Oaks

Siren Dancers: Chelsea Bononky, Zoe Blake, Lori Byargeon, Elise Marafioti, Natalie Mackessy, Christina Noel Reaves

Siren Sopranos: Kim Bechtold, Ashley Bell, Monica Pasquini, Christina Noel Reaves

Calypso: Zoe Blake

Production Manager: Yannis Simonides

Choreographer: Irina Constantine Poulos

Associate Choreographer (Calypso): Christine Jowers

Music Composers: Silence

Vocal Music Composer: David Adam Moore

Production Designer: Victoria (Vita) Tzykun

Lightning Designer: Timothy Cryan

Photographer: Aeric Meredith-Goujon