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“Choreo Theatro has been making leaps of success..” For more history here.

— National Herald (July 2011)

“..Choreo Theatro Company’s performers in stark and powerful tableaus set to music by the Slovenian group Silence.. Haunting dances of primitive beauty and choreographed struggle.”

— NEO Magazine (March 2011)

“.. The Muse’s Weaving was reminiscent of Isadora Duncan’s turn of the 20th Century presentation of her vision of ancient Greek dance.”

— National Herald (Decmeber 2010)

“..The impressive choreography transported the audience to the mythical world of patient Penelope, the alluring Calypso, tortured Odysseus, the fiercely angry Poseidon, and the irresistible Sirens.”

— Prwto Thema online (November 2010)

“Nina Constantine Poulos, Director of Choreo Theatro Company grew up with these Homeric adventures. “In Greece, we read ‘The Odyssey’ when we are thirteen.”  Now she is thrilled to be bringing the stories of her childhood to life as part of a grand collaboration with The Readers of Homer at the 92nd Street Y’s Kaufmann Theater on Saturday November 27th. It is an all night telling of the timeless sojourn of Ulysses, with audience members invited to read, while the dancers, singers, musicians, painters, and designers of Choreo Theatro perform mythological episodes as interludes.”  For more of the story here.

— The Dance Enthousiast (October 2010)