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THE ODYSSEY November 2010 at the NYC’s 92Y

Homer’s Odyssey in collaboration with The Readers of Homer. A whole night audience participation reading, enriched with stunning dance interludes. The duration of the event will encourage a kind of communal bonding that audiences do no normally seem to achieve as this time they will share the responsibility of creating and maintaining an extended group literary experience. An added dimension to the reading will be the performative aspect of the event, as certain parts of the text will function as directly connected to the story dance interludes through the night. Read more…

PHILOSOPHOS (Work In Progress)

Within a lifetime each individual’s path is significantly carved through contact established with other people. The path one creates can lean towards, divert from, or remain indifferent to advice, opinion, and example set by others. As one’s personality solidifies the abundance of those elements gradually results into ignoring their existence and the individual often becomes immobile; confused by those elements existing in his thought. If any, there is always a single person, idea, or experience in one’s time that will turn immobility into progression; the person whose affection, love, insight and wisdom will initiate life in its truest of senses. Read more…

ECNIRP DELTITNU (Work in Progress)

The struggle of a man to defy his fears. Will he overcome them to meet his predestined path? A duet of a man flirting with a large industrial lamp, which swings on stage and is the only source of light.

IN SEARCH FOR THE WHITE ELEPHANT Choreographed for the Cool New York Festival in 2008

The piece explores the feeling that when not in possession of drives individuals insane over. When people get a chance to take a small taste of it, brain anarchy rules as they desperately rasp onto this utopia, disregarding all that preceded it. In a bulimic way they try to acquire as much as possible, not realizing that this will result in them experiencing a sickening feeling. This choreography was originally on men, but recently have been danced by women competing over winning a bouquet of roses. See performance pictures…

LA COLLISION Choreographed for the Cool New York Festival in 2008

A duet in which the two protagonists are caught within the system of business rules dictating proper conduct. Influenced by those and unable to overcome their own fears, they find comfort in creating a world of childish flirtation. Its youthfulness provides them with the feeling of security, but the procrastination of facing what really is only strengthens their emotions which inevitably take over. The movement progresses from gestural to abstracted as their sentiments grow from timid to passionate. See performance pictures…

CHRONOS Choreographed for the Bessie Schoenberg Workshop in 2005

The piece is based on Hawkins’ search for the unified theory of everything. The work raises questions on the definition of time, its reality and its effect on our perception of events. Read more…

NO STRAINS ATTACHED Choreographed for the d.u.m.b.o. Festival in 2004

A piece on the effect of obsessive behavior and its outcome. When is it that one needs to let go? And if they don’t, can their own strains suffocate themselves instead of controlling the other?

STILL LIFE WITH FLOWERS For the Onassis’ Choreography Competition in 2004

This work deals with issues of social isolation and group pressure. Isolation becomes false security and eventually becomes despair. Salvation through social interaction can really mean loss of identity and disjointment from a goal. Read more…

BIRDS Choreographed for NYU-TSOA’s Concert in 2004

This work deals with issues of gender roles and the viewing of it through a comedic imitation of bird cultures, where colors are present to only impress, while effeminate movement directs.