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Presented at the Archlight Theater in March 2011

Can a golf course be a place for love? That’s the question posed by an innovative new production of Gaetano Donizetti’s popular opera L’Elisir D’Amore, set at a contemporary golf resort. L’Elisir D’Amore is one of the 20 most‐performed operas in North America, according to Opera America. While the piece is traditionally set in an 18th‐century Italian village, this production shifts it to contemporary America, drawing parallels between the original characters and their modern‐day counterparts. Self‐important Sergeant Belcore, for instance, may remind audiences of certain high‐profile athletes of today. For more information read here..

Presented at the Annual Conference of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters 2011

This solo, created specifically for Christine Jowers, premiered in November of 2010 as part of The Odyssey presented at the 92nd Street Y’s Kaufmann Concert Hall, choreographed by Irina Constantine Poulos. The work adds another portrayal of female strength and resilience to Christine Jower’s repertoire of choreographies created by phenomenal women artists including: Isadora Duncan, Eleanor King, Jean Erdman, Rebecca Rice, Margie Gillis, Janis Brenner, Catlin Cobb, Rachel Cohen, BJ Sullivan and Ann Carlson. For more information read here..

Presented at New York City’s 92nd StreetY in November 2010

Inspired by the tumultuous travels of a man renowned for his guile, resourcefulness, and unwavering longing to find home; by the epic tale that depicts human fault, ambition, love, and the notion of a predetermined fate; ChoreoTheatro Company is proud to present The Odyssey, an evening-length production of contemporary dance, theater, and music.

ChoreoTheatro Company’s own Odyssey began in 2008 when Artistic Director Irina Constantine Poulos learned of The Readers of Homer’s plan to organize a 12-hour marathon reading of Homer’s epic poem in New York City. Being Greek and having grown up with the stories of cunning Odysseus, Ms. Poulos approached the international literary organization with an idea for collaboration.

The result was a suite of seven emotionally powerful and visually stunning dance pieces that display a collaborative effort of the Choreographer with international composers, musicians, singers and designers.

After a successful and epic performance in the Kaufmann Concert Hall of the 92nd Street Y in November 2010, the overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience response encouraged the Company to further develop its work by adding four more pieces so that it stands on its own as a full, evening-length production.

For more information read here..

ARISTOPHANES’ LYSISTRATA Presented at the Greek Cultural Center of New York in 2008

The comic account of one woman’s extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War. Choreographed under the theatrical direction of Magdalena Zira.

ARISTOPHANES’ FROGS Presented at the Greek Cultural Center of New York in 2007

The story of Dionysus’ travels to the underworld to find and bring back to the world of living the best tragedian, so that order in Athens is restored. Choreographed under the theatrical direction of Magdalena Zira.

THEBAID Presented at the Kitchen Theater in 2007

Argia, wife of Polynices, and his sister Antigony meet on the battlefield, over his body. After a highly emotional recognition scene, they bury the body together. Creon’s guards catch them and condemn them to death.

DIGMA Presented at the Cool New York Festival in 2007

What hides under the black formalities of today’s corporate world? What is it that creates a transition to color and true feelings? Why do we try so hard to hide what is there? Is it because it is to frightening to do so, or because it is too beautiful to let show?

EURIPIDES’ HECUBA Choreographed for NYU-TSOA’s Experimental Theatre Program in 2006

The play deals with Hecuba’s grief over the loss of a daughter, and the revenge she takes over the loss of her son. Choreographed for the students of the Experimental Theatre Program.

GOMBROQICZ’S OPERETTA Choreographed for the New School at the La Mama in 2005

Gombrowicz’s last play uses an operetta form to present in a grotesque way the changes of the world in the 20th towards totalitarianism. The dance interludes were choreographed on students and in collaboration with Director Zishan Ugurlu.

LEGNA Commissioned by the Moving Arts Project in 2005

A solo piece about a divine creature, which discovers the essence of being human; the pleasures and pain accompanying mortality. Progressively within the work her large wings transform to crutches, which inhibit her walk.

MARGUERITE’S YOURCENAR’S FIRES Presented at the Vortex Theater in 2005

Gisela Cardenas adapted and brought together in one play various fragments of Yourcenar’s texts, which elaborate on different women’s personalities.


Presented at the Outside Input – R. Foreman’s Ontological Hysteric Theater Lab Program in 2005

A multi-media performance created in collaboration with the ANNEX group. The piece used the integration of movement, sound, costume, light, scenery, text and video to express the painful negotiation of suspended feelings and perplexed identities triggered by the process of relocation. Though the boundaries of reality and fiction were blurred, a cross-generational, multicultural core message of being caught between worlds was preserved.

1/8″=1′-0” Presented at the Oasis Chashama Festival in 2005

A eulogy on amplitude space and the infinite ways of manifesting its usage. The piece was originally choreographed to be performed on a large stage, but was comically altered to be danced on a 8’ x 8’ stage.