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Choreo Theatro Company is interested in socially relevant and historically informed work. Feeding on the fruitful tension between dance and theater’s history and their future, we present both the classics and newly created work. Invariably, our tendency to explore the boundaries of form has its roots in the classical tradition and technique. We present work that explores the vital co-existence of dance, music, drama and design.

The performances we seek to create integrate the four, while maintaining an emphasis on the narrative and causality. The exciting cultural diversity of New York leads us to introspection and questioning. Where does performance fit into this? We believe in theatre’s role to address the ideological crisis of each era and we hope to continue in that tradition.

Choreo Theatro creates work through its interest in the walking and breathing oxymora: people. We believe that it is in human nature to struggle, strive, fail and thrive within life’s conjunct oppositions. We resist conformity by revealing our internal and external beauty beyond fears and social masks. Our goal is to restore the classic adagio of the search for beauty, truth and harmony.

Through the crucible of performance the audience is forced to slow down, pause and see that through this world of gray there is truly a universe of strong opposites and vivid colors, the essence of contrast and beauty. Unlike any other social interaction – in the act of theater we accept, look and live in contradictory answers. We use the eye, imagination, impulse, intellect and instinct to create consciousness of motion transmitted metakinetically.