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Marita is an event planning artist residing in Athens, Greece, yet being directly involved in the organization of all Choreo Theatro Center’s events in New York. Upon her graduation from Athens College, she received her BFA in Graphic Design from the Middlesex University of England and furthered her understanding of design and marketing by following several Continuing Education courses at the New York University.

After obtaining sufficient experience by working as a graphic designer, professional exhibition planner and store front concept designer for various Greek based design and architectural firms, she proceeded into opening Sensyle Avenue, her own Event Organization Firm.  During the past four years, Marita has brought Sensyle Avenue into being a versatile company that orchestrates diverse events in their nature, both in Athens and New York.

In her affiliation with Choreo Theatro Center, Marita focuses on fashioning stunning events in collaboration with the Center and its patrons’ visions.  Her process involves the development of ideas, the thorough understanding of unique needs, the coordination of intricate details and the realization of abstract images.  Using creative imagination as a gnomon she achieves uniquely warm and magical environments for each occasion.

For more information visit her site at www.sensyle.com