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Invest in Choreo Theatro

Unrestricted Gifts

These types of gifts are allocated according to the financial priorities of Choreo Theatro’s Company.  Funds may be used for anything ranging from administrative expenses, to research toward creating community-targeted new programs. Unrestricted gift donors will receive a plaque (Bronze Member and higher) or engraving, with your name and the amount of your contribution, unless you decide to donate anonymously.

Legacy Partner in the Arts $500,000+
Distinguished Patron $100,000+
Executive Patron $50,000+
New Production Patron $25,000+
Platinum Member $10,000+
Gold Member $5,000+
Silver Member $2,500+
Bronze Member $1,000+
Honored Member $500+
Senior Member $150+
Junior Member $50+
Community Member $25+

Planned Giving Contributions

Choreo Theatro Company can become your vehicle for a lasting impact through our Planned Giving program. If you are interested in this type of contribution plan, please contact patrongiving@choretheatro.org

‘Embrace a Performer’ Contributions

It is not a secret that performers are often underpaid, not because they do not deserve to be paid more, but because there are not enough funds to help them flourish through better compensation. All funding received under this category will be evenly distributed as payments to Choreo Theatro Company’s performers for their beautiful, honest and hard work.

In-Kind Contributions

Choreo Theatro Company appreciates all In-Kind Contributions. These can range from assuming responsibility for any of the construction or materials needs mentioned above, or anything else an individual would like to contribute. If you are interested in this type of contribution, please contact patrongiving@choretheatro.org

Patrons have the option of choosing how their money will be used.

Choreo Theatro Company is a New York State non-profit organization recognized as tax-exempt under IRS section 501(c) (3).
All contributions are fully tax-deductible. All contributors have the benefit of advertising to our audiences upon request and mutual agreement.